Microsoft Teams and Project Online Integration, a Marque360 Solution – HLS Partner Talk

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Many of the large organizations I work with have needs in the area of Enterprise Project Management. They need to see roll-ups around resource allocation, budget, etc. For these organizations Microsoft’s Project Online has been and ideal solution.

At the same time these same organizations are rolling out Microsoft Teams as the place to get work done. With it’s rich set of collaboration tools and extensibility Microsoft Teams seems a natural fit for use in managing projects. The only challenge? Today there is no direct integration with Project Online and the Microsoft Planner tasks does not provide the robust roll-up capability of Project Online.

In this HLS Partner Talk I am joined by Neall Alcott of Microsoft Partner Marque360. Neal discusses their solution that bridges the gap and provides slick integration between Microsoft Teams and Project Online.


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Looks like the "connector" with MS Teams that you are showing is a custom piece. Is this something you offer to customers as a "plug-in/app" that could be leverage for people using the new "Project for the web", "Project Online" model? I think the "combo" of Project for the web and MS Teams would be fantastic to offer to our organization but only if it's offered in a way that users get it all put together and not having to go do workarounds of connecting to the O365 group, connecting to the Team site, adding the tabs, etc etc... 


@CG-1717 The solution shown is a Microsoft Partner one in this case. We will have to see what is offered with the new Project 

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Do the permissions assigned in the Team sync back to the PWA site.  Also, instead of creating a new Team, could this solution create a new private channel when a new project is created, and then populate the correct permissions at the top level and private channel level?  I'm wondering if a broad PMO Team with each channel as a separate project would be an alternative way to do this.


@David Phillips At the time of the solution overview by the partner it was team creation only. You need to ask Neall Alcott from Marque360. I do know they are very flexible. You can find Neall here 

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