Microsoft Security Matters Newsletter – Dec 2021 Edition
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General News

Guidance for preventing, detecting, and hunting for exploitation of the Log4j 2 vulnerability - Micr...

Intrinsic infrastructure security for the hybrid world - Microsoft Tech Community

Behind the unprecedented effort to protect customers against the NOBELIUM nation-state attack - Micr...

The final report on NOBELIUM’s unprecedented nation-state attack - Microsoft Security Blog

Best practices for AI security risk management - Microsoft Security Blog

Improve kernel security with the new Microsoft Vulnerable and Malicious Driver Reporting Center - Mi...

Protecting people from recent cyberattacks - Microsoft On the Issues

Protecting our data infrastructure through some new approaches to privacy  - Microsoft On the Issues

New Secured-core servers are now available from the Microsoft ecosystem to help secure your infrastr...


Azure Security & Defender for Cloud News

Enabling automatic key rotation (preview) in Azure Key Vault (

Azure Key Vault Managed HSM support for TDE BYOK now available for Azure SQL - Microsoft Tech Commun...

Defender for Cloud finds machines affected by Log4j vulnerabilities (

Microsoft launches dedicated Container protection plan

Introducing Azure Key Vault and Managed HSM Engine: An Open-Source Project - Microsoft Tech Communit...

Microsoft Defender for Cloud: Public preview updates for November 2021 | Azure updates | Microsoft A...

Microsoft Defender for Cloud: General availability updates for November 2021 | Azure updates | Micro...


Sentinel News

Forward On-Premises Windows Security Event Logs to Microsoft Sentinel - Microsoft Tech Community

What’s New: Detecting Apache Log4j vulnerabilities with Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel - SAP continuous threat monitoring workbooks - Microsoft Tech Community

Announcing the Microsoft Sentinel: Zero Trust (TIC3.0) Solution - Microsoft Tech Community


Defender for IoT

IOT Security and Addressing Hybrid Attacks (

Scaling Out an Azure IoT Solution to Support Millions of Devices - Microsoft Tech Community

Protect printers, cameras and the rest of your IoT devices with Microsoft 365 Defender

Understanding Cyber-Physical System and IoT/OT Risk, Featuring Gartner®


Microsoft 365 Security (All Up News)

Office 365 receives Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) SS584:2020 Level-3 Certification (2021) - Micro...

End-to-end encryption for one-to-one Microsoft Teams calls now Generally Available - Microsoft Tech ...

Modernize security with Microsoft Edge and IE mode - Microsoft Tech Community

Understanding Cyber-Physical System and IoT/OT Risk, Featuring Gartner® - Microsoft Tech Community

Webinar: Defending your cloud against AD FS attacks - Microsoft Tech Community


M365 Identity & Device Protection (Azure AD, Intune)

More control and better insights for your Zero Trust deployments - Microsoft Tech Community

Introducing Azure AD custom security attributes - Microsoft Tech Community

Recurring Active Directory Checks (

Simplify your identity provisioning with these new Azure AD capabilities - Microsoft Tech Community

Endpoint Manager supports sign-out for apps not optimized with Azure AD shared device mode on AE 9+ ...


M365 Defender (Defender for Office, Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Identity, MCAS)

Announcing Preview of New Security Management Capabilities for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint. - Mi...

End user email notifications are now customizable! - Microsoft Tech Community

Block USB in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Intune - Microsoft Tech Community

CloudAppEvents in advanced hunting now includes non-Microsoft apps and new data columns - Microsoft ...

Updated Hunting and Investigation Experiences for Microsoft Defender for Office 365 - Microsoft Tech...


M365 Compliance & Governance

Announcing AIP unified labeling client maintenance mode and sunset of mobile viewer - Microsoft Tech...

Govern your Snowflake data with Azure Purview - Microsoft Tech Community

Microsoft announces the General Availability of 9 new built-in Ready-to-use Trainable Classifiers - ...

Microsoft 365 compliance feature enhancements now available to US government customers - Microsoft T...

Co-Authoring files with sensitivity labels - Microsoft Tech Community

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