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Microsoft Live Events Skype TX.png  Yesterday I received the following question on our blog The question went as follows:

Mike, like a bad penny I keep showing up with more questions lol. I’m not an AV guy but I learned today that the Tricaster TC1 uses a special version of Skype, called Skype TX, to enable Skype callers to be integrated into a broadcast. I have 2 questions:

  1. Now that Skype is going away what is the future of Skype TX ? Can Teams replace Skype TX today ?
  2. Is it possible to somehow integrate Skype TX into Office 365/Azure so the Skype TX callers can use accounts in our tenant? We tried creating an account in Skype TX today but got the “you cannot create an account here with a work or school email address. Use a personal email such as Gmail or Yahoo!.” message. That’s exactly what we don’t want ! I see Skype (but not Skype TX) is in the Azure App Gallery, but not sure if this can somehow help.

Thanks again for all your help.

Well first, no bad penny here just a great inquiry.

In this “HLS Modern Workplace” I walk through what Skype TX is and how intersects with Microsoft 365 Live Events. I also talk about the use of Newtek Tricasters as potential devices. Finally, I cover a number of scenarios and setups that can be used as a part of Live Events.


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