Leveraging Microsoft Bing Image Creator In line with Microsoft Edge Today! HLS Show Me How
Published Mar 22 2023 07:27 AM 11.5K Views

IMageCreator.png  Recently Microsoft announced the new Bing Image Creator capability which compliments the new Bing Generative AI Capabilities. Bing Image Creator is another transformational capability for individuals and organizations (see below).

In this HLS Show Me How video I demonstrate how to get, and leverage, Bing Image Creator. Additionally, I show you how to add to the Microsoft Edge sidebar for “at your fingertips” inline usage.


“What is Microsoft Image Creator for Bing? What are its potential use cases and benefits with a corporation? Are there potential uses with Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Image Creator for Bing is an AI-powered tool that generates images from user descriptions. Integrated into Bing and Microsoft Edge, it offers a unique, visually engaging chat experience. Microsoft ensures responsible AI implementation and plans a phased rollout with future expansions.

Microsoft Image Creator for Bing can be used for various purposes within a corporation, such as:

- Creating visual content for marketing campaigns, presentations, reports, newsletters, etc. without relying on stock photos or graphic designers.

- Enhancing creativity and innovation by exploring different combinations of words and images.

- Generating mockups and prototypes for new products or services based on user feedback or market research.

- Improving communication and collaboration by sharing images with colleagues or clients via chat or email.

Microsoft Image Creator for Bing can also be integrated with Microsoft Viva, the employee experience platform that helps organizations create a culture of learning and wellbeing. Some of the potential uses with Microsoft Viva are:

- Supporting learning and development by creating images that illustrate concepts, skills, or scenarios relevant to employees' goals or interests.

- Promoting wellbeing by creating images that inspire positive emotions, such as gratitude, joy, or calmness.

- Encouraging social connection by creating images that reflect employees' personalities, hobbies, or values.

Microsoft Image Creator for Bing is a powerful tool that can help corporations enhance their visual communication and engagement. By using natural language to generate images, it opens up new possibilities for creativity and expression.


: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/bing-image-creator-ai-powered-visual-content-by-microsoft/482740... “ Written by Bing Generative AI. Get it here.

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