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On March 4th, we held our second internal hackathon this year during our dedicated Learning Friday, 1st Friday of each Month. This time is set aside by leadership to assure everyone has the time the need to continue their learning path.


For the last two Learning Fridays, we have held one day hackathons to bring our Modern Work teams together to learn together, ideate on potential customer solutions and to get hands-on experience with Teams Platform development and the low code Power Platform including Power Apps, Power Apps Portal, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent, Power BI and Dataverse.


If you are considering running a hackathon within your organization, check out the Hackathon Starter Kit that we have been working on to help get you started. You can also reach out to your Microsoft contact for guidance on running your own internal hackathon on Microsoft Teams.


Twelve teams were created with up to four members and a coach. Each team presented their solution during the sharing session. You can find their solutions below along with a short video.


Team 1

A Clinician Community Portal in Teams targeted to help nurses reduce burn out by helping prioritize activity (model driven Power Apps), manage/control shift requests (Shifts in Teams), and provide daily motivation (Bulletins Power Apps in Teams).


Team 2

A "Virtual Nurse" canvas app for junior nurses to instantly connect with experienced/senior nurses when they need quick help. The junior nurse can check availability based on area/specialty. The dream would be to create a 1:1 Teams chat/video call between junior nurse and available senior nurse.


Team 3

A model-driven Power App for continuing education & skills development for Nurses, aka LadderUP. The app helps drive professional development & growth for nurses while also helping to increase a health care organization's Magnet Award standing.


Team 4

A clinician camera recording solution for Proficiency Demonstration requirements. Clinicians start by reviewing a PDF/PowerPoint, have an option to connect with a mentor (using Bookings) and finally use the Power App camera record feature to record themselves executing a specific roll task.


Team 5

A "Support U" Teams wellness app to centralize messages, news, community outreach, philanthropy opportunities and a sign-up for volunteering. This particular wellness app was focused on efforts in support of the war in Ukraine.


Team 6

Daily-affirmation app was created using Power Apps pinned in Microsoft Teams to help provide motivational and spiritual wellbeing for users. It would provide a mental health check-in with optional callback, Daily prayers with optional rosary content, Inspirational quotes, and a healthy goal. 


Team 7

Reducing barriers to virtual (video) visits and improving the accessibility experience for elderly patients and those with sensory limitations with the implementation of a Power Virtual Agent: Virtual Visit Health Bot. Inability to navigate the technology set-up before and during the virtual visit is a major cause of dissatisfaction among patients, and resulting no-shows are a significant revenue bleed for Providers.


Team 8

Daily Well-being Mental Health Check-in using Power Apps mobile application, Power Automate, SharePoint Online, Viva Connections and Teams. Check in on employee moods and challenges in less than 30 seconds.


Team 9

Photo badge overlay to customize your profile photo from a library of overlay frames including Specialty, Certifications, Holidays, Events to increase employee morale built with Power Apps.


Team 10

Addressing Burnout in Healthcare by increasing visibility of tasks, flexible task re-assignment, automation of approvals via chat, scheduling and content and coping tools using Power Apps, Power Automate, Dataverse, Microsoft Teams and adaptive cards.


Team 11

Back in the Office! Avoid commuter remorse by creating awareness of who is working in the office to maximize personal social engagement. Solution is built using SharePoint for data storage with a Microsoft Teams embedded Power Apps.


Team 12

Application to help Pharma and Life Science customers recruit quality clinical trial patients. The app helps find a diverse set of patients for better research data, serve rural areas where patients may not see practitioners often, and streamlines how customers can review the patient volunteer for trial participation. Ability for an individual to self-register by answering pre-screening questions and to automate the process for Trial Managers to identify valid volunteer candidates. Solution built with Power Apps Portals, Dynamics and Dataverse.  


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