“HLS Show Me How” Webcast – Driving Adoption with Microsoft 365 Integrated Services

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The webcasts have taken place. The recordings as well as accompanying resources (slides, Step by Step instructional doc, links) can be access by going to "Configuring an Integrated User Training and Support Solution for Microsoft 365 and Beyond"


Mark Your Calendars the First Live “HLS Show Me How” Webcast – Driving Adoption with Microsoft 365 Integrated Services


Please leverage the ics. Calendar invites below and mark your calendars for this 2-session event July 8th/9th at 12 noon eastern (9am pacific)! In greater Philadelphia area? attend live at the Microsoft Technology session by filling out registration form (lunch will be served)

As organizations look to roll out various services from Microsoft 365 to their users invariably 2 questions consistently pop up. 1- How do I support and educate our users to help them adopt and improve their workstreams? 2- How do the services work together and when and where do we use what in order to provide a rich collaboration platform that abstracts complexity for users?

In this two-part webcast “Show Me How” series Microsoft’s Michael Gannotti will walk attendees the use of various Microsoft 365 services and solutions to create an end to end, scalable, solution for training and engaging organizational employees. Session attendees can follow along step by step and set up their own POC/Pilot environments (see resources below) for testing and use.

Services/Solutions to be leveraged over the two days include:


  • Driving Adoption with Microsoft 365 Integrated Services - Session 1
    • Introductions/Kickoff/Webcast Housekeeping
    • The Challenge – Supporting/educating end users while familiarizing IT with possibilities for integrated, no code, solution creation using Microsoft 365 services and solutions.
    • The Solution – Overview of the end to end solution to be created for users and content owners/creators alike.
    • Introduction to, and provision, the (beta preview) Learning Pathways site as baseline for the end to end adoption solution.
    • Create Microsoft Stream Group and corresponding Group secured Channel as well as an open Channel. Review use of two channel concept for review and release to users workflow.
    • Create a Yammer Discussion Group.
    • Create a Microsoft Team based off of Stream Group.
    • Quick review of video content creation using PowerPoint Recording and Windows 10 Video Editor.
    • Wrap Up – Review actions taken and set up Session 2 where the solutions will be integrated together. Recommend populating Stream Channels with some sample content.
    • Click here to join directly on July 8 at 12 noon eastern (9am pacific)
  • Driving Adoption with Microsoft 365 Integrated Services - Session 2
    • Quick review of challenges/solution and actions taken the previous day.
    • Cover customizing and extending the Learning Pathways solution (beta preview).
    • Add an Event for a brown bag session
    • Integrate the open Stream Channel into the Learning Pathway (beta preview).
    • Set up a Live Events webcast event and integrate into the Learning Pathway (beta preview).
    • Integrate Yammer discussion group in to the Learning Pathway site.
    • Build out the Microsoft Team to accommodate content creation team and content production/review/publishing.
    • Open Q&A
    • Wrap Up/Next Steps – Review all of what has been done, resources available to assist, and next steps.
    • Click here to join directly on July 9 at 12 noon eastern (9am pacific) 

Resources to prepare for the sessions:

Hope to see you July 8th and 9th at 12 noon eastern (9am pacific). Grab the .ics calendar invites below.

If you are in the greater Philadelphia area and would like to attend the sessions live please fill out the registration form via this link (lunch will be served)

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