Healthcare Shorts: Digital Huddle Boards
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Story Background

Provider customers all do huddles, these huddles come in many different forms, they could be at the unit, manager, and facility level. These huddles can be about patients, safety, throughput, communication, notification, announcements, and praises. We have found many enterprise customers have not standardized on these "boards" and many of them are manual and static, some have moved towards a digital board but even when digital these boards and not connected or feed the data up throughout the system. 


Business Challenge 

The entire care team including nursing, social workers, care coordinators, providers, and leadership all need to know what is going on in their facilities. The huddle process is key to communication across the organization. The "board" associated with each huddle is the primary way information is communicated but when this is a static or manual board it is very difficult to escalate issues, announcements, and problems. 


Business Outcomes 

By creating a digital huddle board with a single aggregated back end for data we are able to connect all care team's communication across the system. Speed to disseminate this information up and down the organization is key. Outcomes this drives at an organization are: 

  • Any staff member can submit an issue, praise, announcement, or problem at any time of the day
  • As these items are submitted, they are shown on the board immediately and notifications are sent to the proper group based on what the item is about 
  • Support Servies such as IT, Supply Chain, Food and Beverage services, facilities, and leadership are immediately notified about these items and can priorities them accordingly 
  • Everyone is held accountable for these items and can see updates in real-time 
  • Data is presented on the board in real-time, at the unit level they can see how many open beds they have, how many pending discharges...etc. 
    • manager level is a roll-up of all their units 
    • director and Facility level can see all data needed for them 
    • The leadership level can see the entire org or drill down into the specific unit, data, or items as needed 

By delivering these capabilities staff spend less time finding the information they need and following up on items to know what is going on regarding what they care about. 


Solution Overview 

Using Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare capabilities we are able to bring real-time data in from the customer's EMR(s), Staffing systems, and other data sources into Microsoft Dataverse to create an aggregated source of data for these huddle boards. 

We created a simple power app that staff can engage with to submit new items for the board. 

We use a combination of Power Apps and PowerBI to create the visitation of the board. 

  • Power BI is used to create different views of the board for the different levels of the business 
  • Power Automate is used to create workflows and notifications as items are entered 


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