Getting Started with Microsoft Teams Guest Access - Answers to Top 3 Questions
Published Jun 11 2019 11:01 AM 11.6K Views

Guest access in Microsoft Teams is something that many business users are interested in and often request of IT. They want to get off the email file sharing train and move into a modern collaboration environment for conversing and sharing files with their partners, vendors, researchers, medical experts, etc. Over the last two business days this topic has been front and center for me in conversation with two separate hospitals and is likely a topic of conversation for your org as well irrespective of the nature of business.

When discussing Microsoft Teams guest access, the top 3 questions that IT seem to consistently fall along 3 lines.

  1. How do I enable guest access in Microsoft Teams and what does that guest access interaction look like?
  2. How do I secure guest access, limiting that access to only authorized external entities?
  3. How do I manage external access in order to keep our Azure AD cleaned up and ensure we are staying within the allotted number of guest access users for our organization?


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