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shifts.jpgThis morning, as is often the case, I received a question by way of my LinkedIn account. The question concerned Shifts in Microsoft Teams. For those not familiar with Shifts it is a powerful service integrated into Microsoft Teams that facilitates shift scheduling, emergency coverage, and more for frontline workers. By wrapping the service in Microsoft Teams it becomes part of a holistic offering that facilitates all modes of pertinent collaboration in a extensible, scalable, solution. The question was as follows: “Any videos for end users or managers regarding the Shifts in Teams feature?

Below I have compiled a listing of resources for end users, managers, as well as IT staff along the use and management of Shift in Microsoft Teams. I hope you find them useful and start on your own journey to leveraging the power of this Office 365 integrated service with your own organization. Also, as you have questions for your organization around the use of Shifts don’t hesitate to reach out to your local account team from Microsoft as they can line you up with the appropriate resources to learn and learn Shifts.



I hope you find these resources helpful.

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