Azure OpenAI ChatGPT Solves Cryptic Error Codes from Power BI, SQL Server, Power Apps, and more!
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Are you tired of cryptic error message codes from your IT tools filled with GUIDS, seemingly random numbers, and vague text? Azure OpenAI ChatGPT can help! When tools such as Power BI, SQL Server, Power Apps, and others encounter problems the error codes can often be difficult to decipher. Users will often paste them into search engines and comb through results for hours, open service tickets with their IT team or Microsoft, or paste the messages (which may sometimes contain company data) to community forums for help. The video embedded below shows how Azure OpenAI ChatGPT can decipher those cryptic error codes in minutes. Here's a link: 


The example in the video uses a simple deployment of gpt-3.5-turbo in the Azure OpenAI studio. There are no embeddings, no fine-tuning, and no plug-ins. The model is being used straight out of the box. By using Azure OpenAI, you can capture the chat history between your user and ChatGPT. Down the road, this data could be used to enhance the solution using embeddings or other techniques. Also, if a user enters sensitive data that is within the error message, it will be contained in your Azure environment. Here's a quick diagram of how that might look at a high level:

Capture chats users have with Azure ChatGPT to enhance future OpenAI solutions!TCapture chats users have with Azure ChatGPT to enhance future OpenAI solutions!T


If we built out a GitHub framework to deploy over Azure OpenAI ChatGPT to enable simple error code resolution and capture chat, how would you like that to look? A Power App? Custom Bot? Something else?

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