Automating Selective Guest Access in Microsoft Teams

Published Jun 17 2019 01:35 PM 8,149 Views

A challenge within some organizations has been around how to selectively enable guest access for some Microsoft Teams and not for others. This has been a barrier to adoption for some who did not want to take the all on or off approach.

In this Healthcare and Life Sciences video I am joined by Microsoft’s Michael Mukalian from the Philadelphia area MTC (Microsoft Technology Center) and Microsoft’s Bruce Weaver from the Microsoft Northeast District. Michael and Bruce walkthrough a proof of concept leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform and the Microsoft Graph whereby they are able to enable, and automate, selective guest access for Microsoft Teams.

If you and your organization are interested in looking at how you might similarly enable and automate such a solution talk with your Microsoft account team to learn more. Want to move forward with designing such a solution work with your local account team to schedule and MTC Engagement.


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Nice showcase for this guest security feature. However you only secured the group and failed to secure the SharePoint site .... Of which I've only found possible through powershell. So this solution is nowhere near customer ready as you are showcasing it. It's creating a false sense of security by not highlighting that. I'm creating a similar tool for a customer that controls expiration policy and external access setting on a site by site basis, so I'm deep in the weeds for how this stuff actually works. 


HI @Brett Zeigerbacher The purpose of the video is to highlight only the possibility of controlling guest access to specified Teams and not to tackle the whole security/compliance piece. The work done by Bruce and Michael was done as part of a POC for a large multinational org who identified this as their blocker and the solution met their criteria. As to the SharePoint site other than the fact that access to it is also controlled by the same group which security are you referring to? Is it around granular access to portions of the underlying site by added guests? If so, then a much broader conversation that presupposes you are doing things within that site that need further restricting which is a whole other conversation. I guess I would disagree with you that are creating a false sense of security and in any case the end point of the video is that if you are looking at such solutions then to engage with Microsoft, come in to the MTCs for an engagement where all aspects of usage and security concerns can be looked at and addressed. 

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Can you share the Flow for others to reuse as there is some common logic that lots of people can use.  Can you also export the list to a site script to enable that to also be easily recreated.


Hi @Alan Marshall . I have reached out to Michael and Bruce about this. Right now not sure if they are able to directly share implementation content (I believe they are looking at possibility of leveraging GitHub but not entirely sure). I will ping them again today to see if possible or not. In meantime you can reach out to them directly via LinkedIn. Michael is at and Bruce can be found at 


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Hey @Mike Gannotti Can you share the flow? Was it already shared?


Hi @SarmadK 

You would need to ask either Bruce or Michael from the video about that. Their contact info is:

 Michael is at and Bruce can be found at 


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