Add A Meetings Calendar to Microsoft Teams

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HLS Show Me How.jpgMicrosoft Teams provides a great, single pane of glass, where todays organizational employees get their work done. Not only can they share files, extend the Team for project tasks, chat and adhoc voice/video conference, but they can also schedule rich interactive meetings with their Teams. However, as I visit with customers one thing that is frequently asked for is to include a view to the Team Specific Meetings inline with the Team itself. Today there is not a specific Tab or connector to do so…but, there is an easy way to quickly provide the desired view.

In this Show Me How video I walk you through how to quickly, and easily, set up a view of the Team specific meetings within a Team. The solution I demonstrate has been making the rounds and is not something I came up with. Rather I have seen it popping up on Twitter, LinkedIn and more. I hope that you find it useful and it also should further highlight the incredible power, and ease of implementation, in integrating the various services in Office 365. In this case we will see how Office 365 Groups, Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams come together in a few clicks for an elegant, integrated solution.

To help you further your own solution journey I have included some relevant resources below.

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