Update: Create a New Support Request
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You may have noticed a change when submitting an incident to HDC support team. This Technical Support Issue guidance remains the same. However, the form to submit the incident to HDC support team has changed.  


Below is a step-by-step guide to help navigate the new form.


Step 1: Creating a new ID, with official email address.

  1. Go to Windows developer support.
  2. In the Non-Technical Support-Dashboard section, click “Submit an incident’.



     3. First time users will be directed to the “Welcome to Support for Business” page to create a new ID before they can create a new   support request. (Users with an ID will not be required to complete this page. Clicking on “Submit an incident” will take them directly to Step 2 to create the new support request.)

     4. Click “Save” to save the information and move to the next step.




Step 2: Creating a New Support Request.

  1. A new page will appear to select the Product Family, Product or Service, and Category.
  2. Choose the options shown below to submit an incident to HDC support team.                                                                                        NatachaC_2-1694106411629.png


Step 3: Type of Support, Time Zone, and Contact method.

  1. Click on "Professional No Charge".
  2. Choose the Time Zone as per your convenience.
  3. Select “Email” for the contact method. HDC Support team will only communicate via email and not by phone.




Step 4: Issue Description and Details.

  1. Provide a summary of the issue. For example, write "Driver Submission Failures" if the issue is related to submission failures.
  2. Answer the questions provided in the template to describe the issue in detail.
  3. Click on “Attach Files” to attach any relevant information that will help the support team to quickly identify and solve the problem. NatachaC_4-1694106411641.png


Step 5: Contact information.

  1. Click "Add a new Contact" and complete the steps to add additional stakeholders if needed.
  2. Click “Submit” to submit the incident and open the ticket to HDC support team.



Step 6: Confirmation of the Submission.

A confirmation email with a support request number will be sent to the contacts confirming receipt of the submission.

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