Three new measures for Graphics driver evaluations
Published May 27 2020 01:01 PM 5,770 Views

Display drivers have long been measured using ecosystem versions that measure crashes and hangs in games for the driver version being flighted (

The Windows graphics team has developed three new measures, two that look at crashes and hangs in different applications on the devices receiving the driver through the current submission, and one that looks at driver rollbacks.


The first one, (and the ecosystem version look at how often Microsoft Edge Chromium crashes due to the graphics driver.


The second one, (and the ecosystem version at number of crashes in Display Drivers that happen in the context of the Communication and Collaboration Applications. 

The last one, (and the ecosystem version at, looks at whether a driver is rolled back or succeeded by another driver install (not initiated by WU) within 2 days of the installation. Such actions signal that user is having problems with a driver severe enough that they need to use a different driver.


These measures are currently being evaluated and will be used to make accept/reject decisions starting June 29, 2020.

If your display driver fails one of these measures, please work with your IHV to get a fix for the crash in question.

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