New Bluetooth Driver Policy

Published Apr 29 2020 04:13 PM 1,732 Views

Microsoft-defined Bluetooth Host Controller Interface (HCI) Extensions has added support for sending diagnostic data to Microsoft based on specific Microsoft defined HCI events from the Bluetooth radio to aid in diagnostics. In order for Windows to send this data to Microsoft for customers who opted-in to telemetry, partners must also opt-in for the driver. Partners should include the following in the DDInstall.HW section of the INF file for the Bluetooth radio:


Include = bth.inf​
Needs = BthMsftHciExtensionsTelemetryOptIn.HW

If the INF opted-in to send this diagnostic data, the IHV for the Bluetooth radio must have signed the Windows Analytics Agreement prior to submitting the driver. If the agreement has not been signed, the driver submission will be rejected. Access to the diagnostics data requires that the IHV accept the Windows Analytics Agreement.  The IHV’s Administrator or Legal Agreement Signer can do this via the Agreements page.

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