Change in Publishing Behavior - Manual Drivers
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In a previous post we introduced the concept of Manual Drivers, and what the publishing behaviors were that you could expect. We recently found a bug that could cause non-retail drivers to leak into the retail population of Windows 10 users. As we work to rectify the situation, we need to take action to protect the user base. Effective immediately we will cease dual publishing Windows 10 Automatic drivers during the Flighting phase. Once a driver has moved to Gradual Rollout, users not part of the automatically selected audience will be able to acquire the driver manually (as we originally communicated).


A reminder on the driver evaluation and release process.  Automatic drivers are subject to flighting and then gradual rollout.

During Flighting your driver will only be available to machines participating in the Windows Insider Program. During Gradual Rollout the entire retail audience has the ability to access your driver. As your driver goes through its Gradual Rollout phase, it will be automatically throttled, to 100% of its retail audience, in phases while being monitored for in-market quality via telemetry. Once your driver is completed with Gradual Rollout, the driver state is set as ‘Released’. 


Read more about Driver Gradual Rollout:


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