Home Feed, Communities and Spaces

Home Feed, Communities and Spaces

Home Feed

The Home Feed shares activity based on your Communities and Spaces you join. You can filter Home Feed news by Popular, Newest, Experts and Unanswered.
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Communities are platforms that share news, discussions, blogs and ideas about Microsoft Products and Solutions. You can become a member of the Communities that matter most to you. 




Within each community are Spaces, which are subgroups of a community. They host discussion topics and ideas that relate to their Community.



  • Favorite Spaces
    You can join and favorite Spaces most relevant to you, which will personalize your feed. Select Favorite Spaces by clicking on the heart in the right side of a Space's window.

    To see a list of your favorite Spaces, click on the heart in the top right of your screen. You no longer need to go into the community to get to your favorite community spaces.