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I reached out to FastTrack Support and the email came back to me as unavailable to send. I do have a ticket submitted for support for migration. What is the normal response time to get support on a project? 


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Gabby Bazan

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If anyone following: Received conformation email 3 days after request sent in (Weekend included). Waiting for FastTrack representative to reach out. Look forward to working with them. They have pretty good reviews!

Hi @Gabby_Bazan i recently applied for a fast track engagement for my Trust and the fast track team came back pretty quick for our first meeting which we had on a wednesday and we were supposedly meant to have another meeting for the friday 2 days after our first meeting to go through the checklist on item we be working on. 

its been a week now and no word from the team, for not setting up the call for the 2nd meeting. A reminder was sent out on Friday to confirm if we still going ahead with the meeting? maybe if his going to reply our correspondence, that would be tomorrow. 

Not very professional and not looking good to start with the Fast Track Team. 

My question is - Can a customer request for another fast track manager if the one allocated is not very effective?