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Wondering if someone can help. We've signed up for O365 Business Premium for 50 licenses which entitles us to fast track service assistance. We've submitted assistance request via FT portal. Does anyone know how long it takes for FT team to respond back to start the process?

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When did you make the request? If I remember well, FastTrack will provide a first answer after 1 business week (or something similar) @Anna Chu can you help here?

Adding @Sharon Liu as the best POC for all things M365 FastTrack!

Request was made mid last week. Thanks Juan for your assistance. I will wait to hear from @Sharon
Thanks Anna for your assistance. I will wait to hear from @Sharon
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Hi Vikram, Thanks for signing up with Office 365 Business Premium. I noticed you tagged migration as part of the ask and the eligibility criteria for that is 500 licenses. Nevertheless, someone from our FastTrack team will reach out to you as Juan had noted earlier. I'll need more information from you to further assist you - please feel free to pm me. 



Thanks Sharon and everyone. I have had response from FT team member so all good for now.