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Does FastTrack migrate archive mailboxes at all?

We have a customer with 60TB sitting inside Symantec Enterprise Vault on-premises wanting to move the contents into Exchange Online.

I know we can do this with tools (and have a number of times), or even export to PST and use the PST Import Service in Office 365.

I don't see any mention of archive migrations on the FastTrack Benefit Overview page but I do know they use the Binary Tree tools which support this so thought I'd ask.

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I don't believe they support archives mailboxes within FastTrack, especially for 60 TB migrations. 


I'd recommend using a 3rd party solution over the pst import service. As you know there is much planning that goes into users archive migrations, check out our website if you're interested.




@Brian Shiers, can you confirm? Thank you!

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I'm also interested in this topic. Any ideas, besides what the post's creator stated?



As stated with SEV, split the pst files with retention pol. esp. with that amount of data, in a archive.  then run the xcopy with switches  /e /j /c /y for compare and validation.

or use other 3rd party cert'd tools for that matter.

I'm not sure what topic you think you're replying to?

I was asking about FastTrack and their scope.

Either or 60TB of an archieve is never recommended for any email / service to restore to, #Fasttrack or not.  Email / data migration + high utilization will occur. 

Email Archive migrations are outsode the scope of Fast Track


As a supplier of third party tools I would recommend using one, preferably Archive360 solutiuon, to handle EV stubs for active users and balance of their mail in the archive.


Leaver data and journal if required will need to be handled and this is relatively straight forward.


Please reach out if you need any more information. 

I disagree, if planned, architected and migrated properly it's not an issue - as we've already done before.

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We've ended up rehidrating mailboxes, enabling on-premises archiving and then migrate them.


Thanks for your replies!