Azure Red Hat OpenShift Reference Architecture & Reference Implementation
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Intent of this blog is to showcase Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) Reference Architecture and Reference Implementation. This will allow customers to gain confidence and deploy ARO following some of the recommended best practices. Check out documentation Azure Red Hat OpenShift landing zone accelerator and Reference Implementation using Bicep, Terraform, Ansible or Azure CLI can be found in this GitHub repo.


This Reference Architecture (RA) shows integrating ARO with several Azure services such as Azure Front Door + WAF for securely handling ingress traffic, Firewall for inspecting egress traffic to avoid data exfiltration, and Azure Active Directory for Role Based Access Control and so on.  Also, this RA provides several recommended best practices for ARO deployment, from Networking best practices that supports multi-region growth, on-boarding the cluster on to Arc and enabling Container Insights to monitor the cluster and workload.


Reference Architecture: 


ARO Reference Architecture.png


Details of the Reference Architecture:


Reference Implementation: 

Entire Reference Implementation on how to deploy above mentioned Reference Architecture using Bicep, Terraform, Ansible or Azure CLI can be found under respective folder in this GitHub repoYes, it's not just a pretty architecture diagram, you can fully deploy the same using the scripts. 



Credit goes to Victor Santana, Srikant Sarwa, Srini Padala & Melissa Verduci who helped immensely in putting together this Reference Architecture & Reference Implementation. Also, thanks to Sean McKenna, Kavitha Gowda, Rahul Mehta, Jim Zimmerman, Stuart Kirk & Tommy Hamilton for reviewing the same.


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