Azure Governance for ISVs

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Microsoft Azure includes many governance features that can help an independent software vendor (ISV) with resource and subscription management.  In this set of three video presentations, I present your options and features.


Although these are not talking about any ISV-only features, they are ISV-focused - so while this content would certainly be helpful for you if you're not an ISV, you should be aware that is the lens through which I am presenting the content.


These videos include a English closed-caption-file reference, and are best viewed full-screen.  


Please let us know in the comments what you think, and if you have questions!  Also, this is the first of a set of ISV-oriented Azure videos.  If you have an ISV-specific topic that you feel would be good for a 15-20 minute video or a small set of them, let us know... we already have already posted a set around logging and monitoring and multitenant AKS as well!


Also, we'd love it if you spent 60 seconds submitting feedback about these videos!  It really counts!  


Session 01: Organizing Resources

Session 02: Policies, Initiatives, and Blueprints

Session 03: ISV Summary


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