Azure Cognitive Services: Decision API's [Azure AI Applied Services : Part 5]
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In this blog we discuss in detail the applications for Decision API services with the help of flow charts and graphs to help you understand its application.It will help if the intent is clear what is it that you are wish to fiter and analyze for decision making of text or images


Decision API’s

Azure Cognitive Service for Decision is a cloud-based service that provides Natural Language Processing (NLP) features to provide recommendations for informed and efficient decision-making. They help with making smart decisions faster


1) Anomaly Detector

Anomaly Detector ingests time-series data of all types and selects the best anomaly detection algorithm. The Anomaly Detector API enables you to monitor and detect abnormalities in your time series data without having to know machine learning . It uses univariate and multivariate APIs to monitor data over time. Using your time series data, the API determines boundaries for anomaly detection, expected values, and which data points are anomalies




2) Content Moderator

Azure Content Moderator is an AI service that lets you handle content that is potentially offensive, risky, or otherwise undesirable. It includes the AI-powered content moderation service which scans text, image, and videos and applies content flags automatically.




3) Personalizer

Azure Personalizer is a cloud-based service that helps your applications choose the best content item to show your users. You can use the Personalizer service to determine what product to suggest to shoppers or to figure out the optimal position for an advertisement. After the content is shown to the user, your application monitors the user's reaction and reports a reward score back to the Personalizer service. This ensures continuous improvement of the machine learning model, and Personalizer's ability to select the best content item based on the contextual information it receives. 

Personalizer uses reinforcement learning to select the best item (action) based on collective behavior and reward scores across all users. Actions are the content items, such as news articles, specific movies, or products.




Decision API's offerings all under one hood




All Decision API's under one hood (Graphs can be found here )




  1. Anomaly Detector 

  2. Content Moderator

  3. Personalizer


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