Shared Executive Calendar?

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We have a request to do a shared executive calendar (that can be included on invites, or receive forwarded invites), to synchronize a view of important events in a calendar format.


There are 3 active directory groups that should be able to see and add events to this calendar.


No one else in the company should be able to see the calendar, or add new things to the calendar.


My thought is using an "equipment" resource mailbox to do this, and maybe setting calendar level view permissions to the 3 AD groups.  Is this the best approach, or does anyone have any other better thoughts to accomplishing this?

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Shared mailbox should also do, but Groups are out of the question if you want to go granular on permissions. Even good old PF calendar. What are your requirements in terms of client access?

Just plain ole Outlook on Windows should suffice. Maybe give them direct link to webmail for quick easy access. I considered a Shared Mailbox, but didnt really want the mailbox component of it, but as long as I am only granting access to the calendar and not the mailbox, that should work well I think

It's the same story really, with room/equipment mailbox you still get the full mailbox experience. The only significant difference is that you can configure the resource booking attendant for room mailboxes (