The version of Exchange that ships with SBS is 99% the same as Exchange 2003 Standard.  The only difference is that the SBS version of Exchange can only be installed on an SBS server since there was a minor change added to look for the SBS product key instead of the Exchange product key.

- Gwen

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Does that mean you could use all the exchange 2003 tools available for enterprise version with SBS?
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And what about POP3 Connector? This is also a difference.
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Marian: SBS does have features and wizards that the core exchange product does not. The POP connector is one of those; it is not part of Exchange code. This post is about how the exchange code is 99% the same between the exchange in and out of SBS.

Jude: It would help if you mentioned exactly which tool you're thinking about. I don't know of any reason why a tool wouldn't work the same against an SBS box as it would against an exchange 2003 standard SKU box.
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Isn't there a user limit on SBS of like 75 mailboxes?

Also, did they change SBS after NT 4 so that ADMT would allow you to migrate users, etc to a regular product server?

Couldn't migrate stuff off of NT 4 SBS.
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Alexander: Yes. SBS is not the exact same as an exchange server, but the exchange code that's in the box is almost the same as the code in the normal exchange box.
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Try 99.9999% the same. SBS has a maximum of 75 devices or users logging into the domain. If you can install it or use it on Standard Exchange, you can use it on SBS 2k3's Exchange.

We can now use the ADMT tool. See these two white papers for more detail

Download details: Migrating from Small Business Server 4.5 or Windows NT Server 4.0 to Windows Small Business Server 2003:


Download details: Migrating from Small Business Server 2000 or Windows 2000 Server to Windows Small Business Server 2003: