What are Exchange 2003 scenarios where you use Exmerge or bulk PST export/import?
Published Feb 24 2006 10:24 AM 3,665 Views

The Exchange Team would like to get your feedback on use of Exmerge in Exchange 2003, to make sure that we are focusing on right things in our next release. There are a few questions we have on the subject:

-          What are the scenarios where you use Exmerge with your Exchange 2003 servers now? (Note that we specified here "Exchange 2003" because some new features in Exchange 2003 – like a Recovery Storage Group for example – do not require use of Exmerge on Exchange 2003 servers anymore while this was required on earlier versions of Exchange)

-          Which of those are the most critical to you?

-          What are the scenarios where you do a bulk PST import / export operations using Exmerge? How often do you do this? Do you script it?

Please let us know by posting comments on this blog post.


Thank you!


- The Exchange Team

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