Video: High Availability in Exchange Server 2010 - Part 2

Published 05-21-2009 04:36 PM 1,347 Views

In Part 1 of my video blogcast series on High Availability in Exchange Server 2010, I introduced you to the concept of database mobility, and the features known as database availability groups (DAGs) and mailbox database copies.

In part 2, I show you how to create a DAG and how to add Mailbox servers to a DAG.

Please download the video and watch it full-screen. As with Part 1, Part 2 is a little more than 5 minutes. Click on the video thumbnail below to go to the video. There is a Download link where you can download the video (use Right-click, Save Target As...).

Part 2:

High Availability in Exchange Server 2010 Part 2

Enjoy...and stay tuned for Part 3, coming soon!

-- Scott Schnoll

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Русская версия поста здесь (Russian version of this post is here):
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Scott, please in next screencast increase sound level. Thanx for your nice job :)
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Thanks for presentation.  Looking forward to part 3.  I have a question in regards to DAG and geo clustering.  What are the bandwidth requirements between two DC's and also what are the requirements for the FSW?  Is it recommended to have the FSW in a 3rd location other the two primary DC's?

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Jason: Part 3 will be out later this week.  The bandwidth requirements are documented at You need a connection with round trip latency no greater than 250 ms.  The recommendations for the Witness Server depend on your configuration and desired behavior.  We will have more guidance in the RTM version of the documentation.

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Thanks Scott.
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