Updated Direct Push enabled Windows Mobile emulator!

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Since our recent blog posting on Windows Mobile 5.0 MSFP emulator version there have been many questions related to how to enable the emulator to leverage Direct Push on non-GPRS networks.
We have heard your feedback and wanted to let you know that we've released an updated version of the Windows Mobile MSFP emulator!

Get the latest version here http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=c62d54a5-183a-4a1e-a7e2-cc500ed1f19a&displa...

- Michael Higashi

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Thanks for the update.

How about adding some directions on how to use Direct Push over NON-GPRS networks.
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Thanks for updating this!  Direct Push works great now but I still have one issue.  The network card on the emulator won't stay connected when it is running under Microsoft Virtual Server.  I found that it works on VMWare though.  Any idea when it will work properly with Virtual Server?
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Hi, thank you, works perfectly.

I noticed an event during the remote device wipe. A file "RemoteWipeIndictor.log" touched the users contacs folder but it was deleted immediatly. I've undeleted it with pfdavadmin and downloaded it from the contacts folder. It has 0 bytes size.
What is the sense of this file? Is this the wipe trigger or the wipe commit or whatever? Thank you

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Great, thanks for the hard work folks!

Quick question though - can anyone tell me how I can find out the MAC address of the virtual network card? Would be extremely helpful!
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Thanks for the update.. Please try to fix problem with network card in PocketPC and virtual server VM.  Same as mentioned earlier above. Appreciated.
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Ahmed, regarding your question for how to setup Direct Push over Non-GPRS networks, the only thing you will need to do on the emulator is to specify that you are connecting to the "Work" network instead of the "Internet".  This can be done when the emulator first boots up you will notice an antenna icon appear on the upper bar of your home screen.  If you click on that icon there will be two options presented to you:
- Internet
- Work

Select "Work" and connect to that network.  

For the server side, you will need to have your Exchange Server running 2003 SP2 to get the Direct Push functionality.  There is a great video blog posted that shows you how to configure Direct Push on your Exchange Server.

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Great update!

However I am confused about the emulator.
The stand alone emulator is STILL exactly the same as in Visual Studio 2005. I guess it's the emulator images that have been updated in some way. However the OS version is still the same.
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thanks for the information. I followed your directions and got it working.  Although, if the computer you are running the emulator has more than one NIC, then the emulator has problems accessing the network. I had the same issue, then I switched to another computer with only one NIC, and everything worked fine.

Could just be my system, but that got it working.
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Richard, in order to get the MAC Address for your emulator you will need to go to the Event Viewer on your PC running the emulator.  

Follow these steps:
- Select the "System" log
- Sort by the "Source" column
- Scroll to the "VPCNetS2" entries
- Look for "Event" 5 (which should be the entry that logs the MAC Address.
- Open that log entry.

You will see something like this in the description of the log.

A client application registered to receive Ethernet frames directed to the MAC address 00-03-FF-63-06-AF.

Hope that helps...

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Greg, Chris,

Regarding using the emulator inside of the Virtual Server you will need to do the following steps to mitigate the problem:

- Before launching the emulator please delete the contents of this reg key:
"HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftDevice EmulatorMAC Addresses" before launching the emulator.

NOTE: This issue has been addressed in the V2 emulator CTP and should also be incorporated into VS2005 SP1.
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Yes that is the trigger Exchange ActiveSync uses for RemoteWipe to be triggered.
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for anyone who's interested...

single machine demo/test environment showing direct push in action.

warning: it's one long mother of a post!

does address ahmed's problem with multiple nics & device emulator

and michael, thanks for the reg key tip!
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The emulator you list here is great, but wondering if there is an equivalent CDMA emulator coming?  For support groups looking to use the emulator to test/verify configurations, being able to check all the settings (including connections) would be really helpful.  Any ideas?
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Hi Bud,

I looked into this with the team who owns building these emulators and at the moment there are no plans to release a CDMA version of the emulator.
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