The Hybrid Agent is now GA!

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We’re delighted to announce that Microsoft Hybrid Agent has reached General Availability! We first talked about this agent nearly two years ago at Ignite and we’re very happy to have reached this important milestone today.


The Agent has been available in Preview for quite some time as you probably know, and in that time over 250,000 mailbox moves have been initiated through the Agent. That’s amazing to us, given we often hear customers are hesitant to use Preview code in production. Well, with this Preview we’ve proven it works (honestly, you've all proven it works by setting it up and moving mailboxes with it), so anyone who was holding out, now’s the time to start using the Agent.


Upgrading your Preview Hybrid Agents to the GA build

If you are running the Private or Public Preview build of the Hybrid Agent, we’ve made some minor but important fixes and we recommend you update to this build.

If you don’t already have multiple agents, we recommend you install an additional agent to keep data flowing during the process up updating the agent, but this is not required. Steps to install additional agents can be found here.

 Update each agent machine

  1.  Stop the Hybrid Agent service: Microsoft Hybrid Service.
    Hybrid Agent GA Pic 1.png
  2. Uninstall the Microsoft Hybrid Service from Programs and Features.Hybrid Agent GA Pic 2.png
  3. Go to and download the MSI.
  4. Run the MSI.
  5. At the credential prompt, use your Azure global admin creds just like when you signed in with HCW.
  6. Once the install completes, check to make sure the service is running.
  7. The update is complete!

For complete Hybrid Agent details, please refer to documentation.

Thanks again to those who participated in our private and public previews! Your feedback was invaluable and greatly appreciated! For those of you who have been waiting for GA, now is the time! Let’s get those mailboxes moving!


Thank you,

Exchange Hybrid Team

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Is there a way to migrate from classic hybrid to modern hybrid ? Thanks in advance.
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Answering my own question : Switching modes from Classic to Modern It is possible to switch to Modern Hybrid (Hybrid Agent) after successfully configuring Classic Hybrid (publishing EWS namespace + allowing inbound), but we only recommend doing this if you are blocked migrating to O365 after this setup is complete. If you are successfully migrating mailboxes your users are experiencing hybrid features and chose to revert to Modern Hybrid, see the previous Constraints section because not all hybrid features or experiences are supported with the Hybrid Agent. If you have weighed the pros and cons of switching from Classic to Modern and choose to proceed, you can do this by deleting your existing migration batches and migration endpoint and re-running the Hybrid Configuration wizard and selecting Modern Hybrid. -- in
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I'm planning to establish an hybrid configuration between an Exchange 2010 Sp3 org and Office 365, is it recommended to use the "Hybrid Agent" method  or the classic one?




@Juan Luis Pardo it all depends on what you need/want from Hybrid. If you really just want to move mailboxes and get free/busy working - the agent is for you. If you want to set up Hybrid Modern Auth so users with mailboxes on-prem can use it, you need the classic connectivity model. 

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Does this mean that I can finally remove my only Exchange 2010 server in a hybrid ADFS deployment with the Agent?

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Are there any documentations around decommissioning the exchange server while using Hybrid agent? I have migrated my mailboxes and now I need to decom the server. I like to keep Azure AD sync around for password syncs. Other hybrid docs are more geared toward decom process while using partial or full hybrid

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