Released: Update Rollup 2 for Exchange Server 2010

Published Mar 05 2010 02:58 PM 1,839 Views

Exchange CXP team has released Update Rollup 2 for Exchange Server 2010 RTM (KB 979611) to the download center.

KB 979611 lists all the fixes included in this rollup. Here are some of the product improvements and critical bug fixes we'd like to call out starting with a couple of IMAP improvements:

  1. KB 977633 This fixes IMAP4 clients ability to log on to their mailboxes if the mailboxes are located on Exchange 2003 backend servers and if the clients are connecting via Exchange 2010 CAS servers.
  2. KB 979480 IMAPid was not working correctly after moving a lot of users from one Exchange 2010 server to another*. IMAP4 users complained about the inbox not being updated any more. Old messages were still visible, but messages which were received after the mailbox move were not visible. The problem affected different IMAP Clients. The problem did not affect MAPI clients and OWA. Now it is fixed up. *(Specifically this occurred in the situation with same DAG, now local storage instead of iSCSI storage, all servers are Exchange 2010 with Update Rollup 1 installed on Windows Server 2008 R2).
  3. KB 979431 When user migrated from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010, and that user connected via POP3, the POP3 service crashed. This was fixed up so it will not crash.
  4. KB 979563 Push Notifications didn't work because Exchange Server 2010 was not sending SOAPAction header in the notify callback. This caused Exchange to receive a HTTP 500 response from the notification client and the webservice failed. Push notifications should now properly send that SOAP header.
  5. KB 980261 We fixed passive page patching when diagnostic tracing code was needed for forensic analysis that was generating a -1022 error case.
  6. KB 980262 Source side log copier errors are more gracefully handled when the log has a bad block and the read fails.
  7. KB 979566 Activesync proxy was failing for linked mailboxes in a CAS to CAS proxy scenario where the users token is serialized and sent in the request. When attempting to create the client security context from the SID, a AuthZException was thrown because we did not have access to the token information of the linked account, so now for this it no longer throws exceptions.

Only the English Rollup?

Customers may not install the rollup because they may feel that this should only be installed on an English Exchange Server. This was true for Exchange 2007 and is not true for Exchange 2010. When installing this rollup, the UI will be English and the “Add/Remove Programs” text will be English. We are expecting to release the other rollup installation language strings with the next rollup. We are finishing UI validation.

Known Issue

With Update Rollup 2 for Exchange Server 2010 RTM, we introduced a new parameter for the Set-ClientAccessServer cmdlet, CleanUpInvalidAlternateServiceAccountCredentials. Unfornately, the parameter cannot be used at this time. However the Set-ClientAccessServer cmdlet still functions with all other available parameters.

The cmdlet functions but not the parameter because of how RBAC works at the Organization\Enterprise level. The change functions as expected, except for this one issue. This issue blocks some functionality offered by this particular fix. We have a work around and we are currently performing testing and ensuring that we document it correctly. It will require running “Install-CannedRbacRoles” on one server after the rollup is installed. Once replication happens across the AD, the parameter will be available for use for the servers that have the rollup installed.

KB 979611 has more details about this release and a complete list of all fixes included in this rollup.


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I noticed this ever since the first Exchange 2007 rollups that the "Computing Space requirements" step in the patch takes an unusally long time.  (As in several minutes).  Obviously not a show stopper, but compared to all the other patches I run, Exchange 2007/2010 rollups seems to take an unsually long time to complete this step.  Happens on machines with plenty of hard disk space so I have no clue why it takes so long.
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Still nothing about the pst import problem? sad.
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What change is being referred to in the known issue? "The change functions as expected, except for this one issue."  Should that say cmdlet?
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I was hoping something about the export-mailbox :( it was my biggest bet
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bday - the "change" is the addition of the parameter and the resulting code change that requires it. We noticed that there wasn't a KB referencing the actual change a little too late. We are working on getting a KB/Documentation out that we can reference.

Antoine, What about export-mailbox? Is there a specific issue?

Robert, yes. This is a pain for me also but I always just accepted it. If I remember correctly, it is building a list of files and registry settings during that stage. Since you are mentioning it, I will revisit this to see if there is something on our end that can be changed.
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Sven, what PST Import problem? We may lock this down so asking the question over in the Technet Forums is best. Looking at the above post, that standard link to the forums appears to be absent. The release on Microsoft Update will be released on 3/23. The post is missing this also. Definately will get it updated.
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Thanks for clarifying it, Scott.
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Where is the SimpleDisplayName for remote domains feature ?? :(
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You can import data from a .pst file only to a mailbox that's on an Exchange 2010 server that has the Mailbox server role installed by using the Import-Mailbox cmdlet.

The problem; import .pst cmdlet returns an error code: -2147221219.
Until you add a second mailbox server role or make the existing Exchange server DC/GC.
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Interesting !
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Great Post, thanks for this
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If this patch is applied to the primary/mounted member of a Database Availability Group is the active copy supposed to be automatically transferred to one of the mailbox servers in the DAG?  Or is the Exchange Administrator supposed to move the active copy to another member of the DAG manually?
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One of the prereq's on this update is

"Remove all interim updates for Exchange Server 2010 before you apply this update rollup"

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The following topic covers the process for installing a rollup on DAGs.

Interim Updates are built for a specific rollup. They are a temporary solution provided by Microsoft Support when you have a case open with them for a fix which will eventually be available in an Update rollup. But because they are specific to the rollup, any Interim Updates you have are not suitable for Update Rollup 2.
The following document covers the steps you need to take if you have Interim Updates on your system. It is an Exchange 2007 topic but the principle is the same for Exchange 2010. We have an Exchange 2010 version of this available soon.
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Sven, I see the bug internally. It hasn't been looked at yet by the Exchange Team.

List all potential workarounds:

Keeping CAS and MBX on different machines alleviates the issue and Export-Mailbox command works. Besides using this approach in my Labs, i've tried this workaround with one of my customer.

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I already tested the workarounds, but I really did expect RU2 to fix this issue.

Of course, therefore if it hasn't been looked at at all we're going to stop the 3 months wait and proceed with the workarround.

thank you for your clarification on this!
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I have installed rollup 2.
After installation the OWA page was blank.

What i have done to resolve this was:
Copy content from:
C:[installationdir]Exchange ServerV14ClientAccessOwa14.0.682.1
C:[installationdir]Exchange ServerV14ClientAccessOwa14.0.689.0

Any idea why this was broken?
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I had the same with the ECP....
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moving a mailbox from 2007 to 2010 server.  No limits defined on the database, yet move fails with error: MapiExceptionShutoffQuotaExceeded.

Can someone point me in the right direction for resolving this error?  It has happened on more than 1 mailbox.
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Daniel said:
"I have installed rollup 2.
After installation the OWA page was blank."

We had the same issue and our only solution was to uninstall RU2. Same issue with RU1. Is anyone at MS testing this Rollups before releasing them to the public? We were trying to install the Rollups on a completely fresh installed Exchange 2010 box. @Daniel: Thanky You for the workaround, I'll give it it a try.
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Is RU1 considered an "interm update" that needs to be removed before installing RU2?
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Daryl - no... interim update (IU) is something that you'd get from us privately as a part of a support incident in case you experienced a specific problem and we packaged a for for only that for you specifically. In other words - if you had it, you'd know that you did for sure. :)
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Every rollup for Exchange since 2007 has broken OWA.  You guys ever test this stuff before releasing it?
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Hi I have problem install this rollup on my test mbx servers " setup wizard eded prematurely because of error" instalation not start evetlog got error

Product: Microsoft Exchange Server - Update 'Update Rollup 2 for Exchange Server 2010 (KB979611) 14.0.689.0' could not be installed. Error code 1603. Windows Installer can create logs to help troubleshoot issues with installing software packages. Use the following link for instructions on turning on logging support:

what is that ??
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Like oso above, I also get the Error code 1603 when trying to install the update.  Any ideas why this is being caused and what can be done to resolve the issue?
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olo - 2 things I did that got rid of the Error Code 1603 and allowed me to install the roll up 2.
1. Go to the folder where you downloaded the rollup package.  Right Click on the rollup package and select "properties"  at the bottom of the "General" tab, click "unblock" (if you've not already done so).
2. Follow the steps here specifically about IP6.  Between disabling IP6 and clicking the "unblock" I was able to get the rollup 2 installed without the Error Code 1603 error.
Hope this helps!
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I also got the Error Code 1603 and the solution was removing  the ExecutionPolicy in the MaschinePolicy - see
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Dear Brian,

Leeme first say thank you for helping us here for the Exchagne 2010 rollups roll outs, since we know that we all have seen some problems with Exchange roll ups back in Exchange 2007 days, but these useful information, can save our times to be proactive rather thant to be reactive...

WELL, I have a question here, that I have been told o install the Exchange 2010 Roll up 1 for BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 compatibility on all the newly installed Exchange 2010 Servers:

2 Nodes - HUB / CAS (Windows Server 2008 R2 EE)
2 Nodes - Mailbox DAG (Windows Server 2008 R2 EE)

SO the thing which I'd like to ask here that should I ONLY install Exchange 2010 Roll up 1 on all the above specified Exchange boxes, or install the Exchange 2010 Roll up 1 then install Rollup 2, or either I can directlyl go for Exchange Roll up 2 only.

I red on the Exchange Team Blog ( for roll up 1, and I found that there are penalties of error(s) associated after the installation of Roll up 1 on Exchange Servers (HUB/CAS/MBX), so I was wondering that if anyone of you can tell me that which roll up sould I install on my Exchange 2010 Server(s) for having a safe side, as well as complete the prerequisities for BlackBerry Enterprise Sever 5.

Thanks in advance

Zahir Hussain Shah
Messaging Consultant
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Dear Exchange Team,

I noticed this already at the ur1 release and the corresponding comments by your users and also at the ur2 here on your blog. You are answering nearly all questions BUT these question pointing to the broken owa after the update. May I ask why in the world after all the time you are not able to deliver slick and clean tested updates? I really don´t want to update my machines, especially the dag ones when i am reading that users had their owa broken after the update and you, exchange team, don´t comment on it. Now please comment on it.

best regards
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Joerg - I think the problem here is that blog post comments are a pretty poor way of trying to troubleshoot issues related to updates. If you are seeing issues - please head over to our Exchange Updates Forum and post there. We have members of the Exchange team look at the forums regularly:
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We've noticed that Exchange 2010 updates (rollup 1 & 2) aren't being published by MS Updates (or WSUS for that matter).  Is there a rough idea when that'll happen (some clients only notice updates when they show up in their consoles to figure out if they want them or not, not publishing the updates via the normal update channel makes it a bit difficult for them).
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Well...rollup 3 showed up, guess it is sorted out now.
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