Released: Update Rollup 2 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2

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Exchange CXP team has released Update Rollup 2 for Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2 (KB 972076) to the download center.

In addition to bug fixes reported by customers we have added new rules to the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer to check the health of your system. Starting this rollup, customers who wish to deploy the new BPA health rules to a server with no internet connection can do so by downloading the installing the update rollup on the server. Until Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 2, updates to the BPA rules were available only via the web which meant customers wanting to deploy the new health check rules to servers not connected to the internet would have had to copy over the XML files manually. In Exchange 2007 SP2, we implemented a work item which allows us to ship updates to the BPA health check rules via the rollup and as well as via the traditional web based channel. More on this via a blog post in the near future.

KBA 972076 lists all the fixes included in this rollup. Here are some of the product improvements and critical bug fixes we'd like to call out:

  1. KB 972705: This one is for all the IT pros and anyone who has ever had to explain abnormal database size/log file growth in a short period of time. We have added three new registry entries to help speed up troubleshooting the issue:
    • BytesLogWarningThreshold
    • BytesLogErrorThreshold
    • BytesLogCheckPeriodInMinutes
    More information on the values to set in the above registry keys is documented in KB 972705.
  2. KB 975404: Accepting meeting requests sent via an application using CDO like Blackberry devices sometimes results in rendering an embedded message attached to the meeting request inaccessible.
  3. KB 976137: We have made a change to the behavior of the Unified Messaging Auto attendant when it plays the greeting for callers on a holiday. Currently when callers call on a holiday, they hear the non-business hours greeting followed by the holiday greeting. In this rollup we have made a change so that the callers calling on a holiday will only hear the holiday greeting. If your greetings are configured such that they would make sense to callers calling on a holiday only if they hear both the non-business hours greeting and the holiday greeting, then you need to re-configure them when you install this update rollup.
  4. KB 971177: Another change in the UM Auto Attendants configuration in the Exchange Management Console. It is now aware if your time zone follows Daylight Saving Time.
  5. KB 975165: In an environment using self-signed certificates and CAS-CAS proxying, Exchange Web Services requests proxied may start failing after the Availability Service has made a proxy request.
  6. A bug where the OWA Virtual Directory cannot be accessed via the Exchange Management Console in an environment coexisting with Exchange 2010 if the Exchange 2007 server was upgraded from Exchange 2007 SP1 to SP2.
KB 972076 has more details about this release and a complete list of all fixes included in this rollup.

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Is anyone else seeing an issue with Entourage EWS, and sending out meeting requests with attachments included?
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This will be on Microsoft update when?
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When are you going to release an update to the 32 bit Management Tools for 2007 so we can continue to export PST files after upgrading to SP2?

No download for the SP2 version as of now.

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It should be... it came down to our WSUS server on 1/26/10.  Though typically there was usually a 2 week delay between rollup updates being available in the download center and being pushed to WSUS/Microsoft Update.  I may install this sometime this week.  I've never had any serious issues when installing any of the rollup updates / service packs to Exchange 2007.
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Do not install this update. It has a flaw when it comes to OWA and signitures. Very annoying when you have thousands of OWA users.
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JB - Could you please post the details of what problems you are facing at the technet forums:
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I find that when i add a transport rule - e-mail discaimer on exchange after applying rollup 2 for service pack 2, many of our company e-mails get marked as poisoned and will not deliver. removing the transport rule, allows all mails to go through without queueing in the poisoned queue.
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Ya, unfortunately we are getting the annoying owa signature bug after the update.  5,000 users the next day flooded the helpdesk.  
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Still... after automatic update the Transport service doesn't get restarted. Why oh why can't MSFT fix this? If you are going to offer an update via Windows Update, then at least make sure it leaves the server as it found it after the update. Otherwise if you require admin intervention, then simply make us manually download it and install it...
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Anyone else having failures when trying to install on Windows 7 64-bit? I'm trying to up my admin tools install and get this every time:

Service 'Remote Registry (RemoteRegistry)' cannot be configured due to the following error: Access is denied
Unable to enable service(s): 'RemoteRegistry'.
Unable to enable all services for 'AdminTools'.
Removing service state from 'C:UsersaltoidsAppDataLocalTempStoppedServices.xml'...
Removing service registry data from 'C:UsersaltoidsAppDataLocalTempServiceRegistryData.xml'...
Script completed with one or more errors.
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This roll-up also causes an issue when you use Enterprise Vault archiving, with the OWA-extentions installed. When rightclicking an item in OWA you get an error. Symantec is working on a fix/hotfix/patch.
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Though Ex_Ronil suggested we post our problems there, it seems no one from Microsoft is checking, at least since last Friday.
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I installed the Rollup 2 to E2K7 on Windows 2008 and found that some people started to receive mails that they could not open. Did post this on the Technet Forum.

I had to remove the Rollup after three days only to find it left OWA Premium broken. The rollup did not restore all the .aspx files in owaformspremium.


on how I managed to fix it.
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The Get-ClusteredMailboxServerStatus once again seems to only work correctly when run on a node in the CCR cluster. Remote uses do not work. This is similiar to an issue in one of the SP1 RUs that was later resolved.

Posted on the technet forums as requested:
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Has SP2 Rollup 2 been withdrawn from WindowsUpdates?

I ran WindowsUpdates on my mails server and 6 fixes for Server 2007 offered up but Rollup 2 not there. Installed the 6 OS updates and after reboot did WindowsUpdates again and still no sign of Rollup 2???

A few people have reported problems so I an wondering if it has be taken off?
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We applied this update and now am seeing at times slow or delays in outlook(2003)/exchange peformance. Anyone dedected this issue?
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For a number of reasons, we cannot yet upgrade our Exchange Servers to SP2 for the coming months.
On the other hand we need some of the functionalities available in Powershell  V2.
Can we have an Windows 2008 Server with Exchange 2007 Management Tools installed, upgrade to SP2 and Powershell V2?
Will the schema update be a required step before doing this?
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Your best bet is to make a post on the Technet forums at this link:-

and post your question there/
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I'm getting this error message after updating Rollup update 1 for Exchange 2007 SP2.
Source: MSExchange Web Services.
Event ID 6
Unable to send a notification for subscription EwBwLWV4Y2h3bTAxLm9uMjQuY29tEAAAAGGo3ZhcQz5Gjqmuroysdgo=. (Send attempts: 7)

Anyone having this issue after updaing rollup update 1 for Exch2007 SP7:
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I will say this, this update definely required that you launch it with administrative rights or else it doesn't work!  I had a friend of mine install it and it completely screwed OWA until I ran the update from an Administrator enabled command prompt and then it worked!
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Wow! With all the complaints about this Rollup, is it safe to install??? Have the peoples complaints been addressed?
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Put us in the "haven't had any problems" column.
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Update Rollup broke my OWA...sheesh.
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No bug detected, except the classic broken tool box ... already exist in rollup 1.

Just have to disable IPV6 on all servers. In my case, this prevent the error with 'Transport service' on my 3 CAS/HUB servers :
[ERROR] Service 'MSExchangeTransport' failed to reach  status 'Running' on this server. (error when upgrading to SP2 ... with IPv6 actived).
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It doesn't appear as if this version fixed the issues with MSExchangeREPL 2104 / MSExchangeREPL 2147 / MSExchangeREPL 2127 if you are using a secondary network for CCR replication.

Quite annoying that the application logs are filled with events of Exchange flipping back and forth between the production network and the replication network for no good reason.
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E:19-03-2010exch2k7 sp2>setup  /upgradecms

Welcome to Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Unattended Setup

Preparing Exchange Setup

The following server roles will be upgraded
   Clustered Mailbox Server

Performing Microsoft Exchange Server Prerequisite Check

Configuring Microsoft Exchange Server

   Clustered Mailbox Server         ......................... FAILED
An unexpected error has occurred and debug information is being generated: Obje
ct reference not set to an instance of an object.
    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Exchange Server setup encountered an error.

We are getting tthe above error while upgrading SCC passive node,
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Wow, not suprising - another rollup that includes too many hotfixes to properly test against all customer scenarios.

When will MSFT admit that this method is problematic and individual patches are easier for administrators to manage?
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