Publishing more or less months of FB data with OWA

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OWA normally posts only 2 months of FB data by default, this is done across all users on the Exchange server. Outlook has the ability to let each user post as much or as little FB data as they need. (Tools | Options | Calendar Options | Free/Busy Options). However since the Exchange server has to do this on behalf of the user, it affects all users on the Exchange server. This can be a problem when an Outlook user has posted 8 months of FB data, then they use OWA to make a change in the calendar which requires the data to be reposted. Now only 2 months of data is posted until a change to the calendar is made using Outlook which then 8 months of data will be reposted.

Two months of data was selected by default for Exchange because that's the default that Outlook posts. However a registry key can be added to have Exchange to post more or less months of FB data.

This key is not present by default.

Add "FBPublishMonth" under the registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\EXCDO\PARAMETERS
This is the number of months of FB data you'd like to publish.

Note that the name is FBPublishMonth and not FBPublishMonths. If this value is set to zero, no data will be published.

Keep in mind this affect all mailboxes on the Exchange server where the registry key has been added, and only affects OWA posting FB data.

Want to know what the FB data looks like or how it's processed? Read about The free/busy data story and about OWA Free/Busy posting process.

- Eric Hartmann

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Thanks for the information. I've found that this also affect the amount of free/busy data published with CDO and have recommended it to some of our customers for use with ERM.
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Is this registry key valid for Exchange 2000 as well? Do I need to make the change on all Exchange Servers housing mailboxes, or just the front end OWA?
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Yes, each Exchange 200x server needs to have the registry key added where you want the changes to be made. If the front end server has no mailboxes on it, the change will have no effect on that server or any other back end servers. The posting process is executed inside the Exchange store for all users on that specific box.
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I don't see ExCDOParameters in my windows server 2003 with Exchange 2003. I added this manually and it doesn't seem to work.
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Yes, the keys and dword values are not present by default. You will need to add the two keys EXCDOPARAMETERS. Then add a dword "FBPublishMonth" under the registry key HKLMSOFTWAREMICROSOFTEXCDOPARAMETERS with a decimal value of the number of months you want OWA to publish.

Note that the name is FBPublishMonth and not FBPublishMonths. If this value is set to zero, no data will be published.

This will only take effect after the store has been stopped and restarted.
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