PFDAVAdmin tool version 2.6 released - great new features!
Published Jun 13 2006 12:36 PM 9,975 Views

Last week, we released an updated version of Microsoft Exchange Server Public Folder DAV-based Administration Tool (aka PFDAVAdmin) Version 2.6 (Build 7830) to the web. You can download it from:


Here are the major differences and improvements since Version 2.5:


- New "Custom Bulk Operation" feature. You can create LDAP-like filters based on folder properties to control what folders an operation will be performed against down the tree and also what operations will be performed against those folders.

- New "Set calendar permissions" feature. If you want to change the permissions of the Calendar folder of all the users on a server in a single operation, this option will help you. This option also automatically updates the permissions of the Freebusy Data folder, so you do not have to do it manually to ensure that Free/Busy will honor the same permissions.

- SSL preferred. For better security, v2.6 first tries port 443 (SSL) and if the connection is not successful, uses port 80 (there are a few exceptions).

- Interop.ActiveDs.dll is no longer required. You need just PFDAVAdmin.exe and E2kfdacl.dll to run the tool


We plan on blogging more about specific features of this build. Stay tuned!


- Haruya Shida

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