Partial Outage of Remote Connectivity Analyzer (RCA)

Published Oct 01 2013 01:26 PM 5,593 Views

Update 11/14/13: We believe that we have resolved all of the related issues; if you still see problems with Remote Connectivity Analyzer, please send us feedback.

We’re having some technical issues with the Remote Connectivity Analyzer site, which is causing occasional errors when running tests.  Although we continue to monitor, please send us feedback using the tool if you're impacted.  While we can’t respond to each inquiry, this helps us measure the impact.  Sorry for the inconvenience; we're working hard to mitigate it! 

For status updates, you can follow us on Twitter @ExRCA

RCA Team

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Ahh, that would explain some strange errors I'm getting.  thanks!

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I'm unable to access any of the options on the site.  Selecting any choice and then Next gives me an immediate 'something went wrong' error message.

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the Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer Tool( client ) does not seem to be working for me from multiple networks & on multiple workstations.

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Still unable to run the tests. Displays the home page briefly, then displays the error page.

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The tool is not working within exchange toolbox as well as cannot receive emails

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