Outlook REST API v2.0 and beta endpoints decommissioning update
Published Sep 06 2023 11:32 AM 16K Views

In January 2023 we announced the decision to delay the final decommissioning date for Outlook REST API v2.0 and corresponding beta endpoints. This was done as a response to signals and feedback received from our customers who required more time to achieve a successful migration to Microsoft Graph. At that time, we did not define a new decommissioning date.  

Today, we are announcing that we will fully deprecate Outlook REST v2.0 and beta endpoints on March 31st, 2024.  

After this date, every call to the Outlook REST v2.0 and beta endpoints will result in a HTTP 410 (Gone) error with a deprecation message in the error response. This will only be active for 60 days, after that we will not provide any response. 

If you are using Outlook REST API v2.0 or beta endpoints in your app, you should plan on transitioning to Microsoft Graph as soon as possible. Please refer to: https://aka.ms/FromOutlookRestToGraph for initial guidance.  

It is critical to highlight that this breaking change will not affect Outlook add-ins using Outlook REST.  

We understand that for some applications this change, even if anticipated, will require some amount of work to accommodate, but we are confident it will ensure better security, reliability, and performance for our customers. 

The Microsoft 365 Team

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