New XML update for ExBPA
Published Jan 07 2009 05:12 PM 1,750 Views

Yesterday we released an xml update for ExBPA suite of tools. The update applies to the tools shipped with Exchange Server 2007 systems with Service Pack 1 applied. It is currently only available for English language servers at this time.

The following tools have received an updated set of rules:

1. Best Practices Analyzer
2. Disaster Recovery and Performance Troubleshooter

What is contained in the update?
The update contains mainly bug fixes for the above tools.

The BPA tool is also run automatically during setup and readiness checks. We have updated the prerequisites XML file for setup. So any Exchange setup launched on a machine connected to the Internet will download the updated prerequisites file to check for the correct prerequisites.

How do I obtain the update for the Best Practices Analyzer tool?
Start the Best Practices Analyzer tool from Exchange Management Console. If you have previously selected the option to check for updates on startup, you will be prompted to update the tool automatically. If the option to check for updates on startup is not selected, click on the Updates and Customer Feedback link from the application and check for new updates. (Note that this process only updates the Best Practices Analyzer tool and not the other tools. If you need the update for other tools they must be started up separately and checked for updates.)

What files are included in this update?

For the Best Practices Analyzer tool
ExBPA config XML

For Disaster Recovery and Performance Management Tool

ExDRA config XML

Ananth Ramanathan

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