New Remote Connectivity Analyzer Tests for Mail Flow

Published Sep 09 2013 12:00 PM 32.6K Views

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added some tests to Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer (RCA), to help you test your mail flow configuration. These tests are intended for customers who use the Exchange Online Protection service to perform spam and malware filtering before sending email messages to your email servers. You can run these tests when setting up the service, or whenever you want to verify that your mail flow is set up correctly.

About Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer (RCA)

Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer is a web site that allows you and your users to quickly test connectivity, availability & functionality of your on-premises Exchange and Lync servers and Office 365 services. You can access it at For more details about the variety of tests included in RCA, see What’s new with Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer? A lot!

The Verify MX Record and Outbound Connector Test, shown in the image below, verifies that the MX record for your domain points to EOP, so that mail is routed to EOP for filtering before it reaches your mailboxes. This test also verifies that you have an Outbound on-premises connector configured to deliver email to your on-premises environment.

Screenshot: Remote Connectivity Analyzer - Verify MX Record and Outbound Connector test
Figure 1: Verify MX Record and Outbound Connector Test

The Verify Service Delivery Test verifies delivery from the service to your on-premises environment by testing the connection between the service and your IP addresses or fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) defined in your Outbound on-premises connector.

For more information about how to run these tests, see Test Mail Flow With the Remote Connectivity Analyzer.

We welcome any feedback; please send comments to the following email address:

Exchange Online Protection (EOP) Team

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This is very good iniviate idea that brings every testing phases in single place, Good work team!!!

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Nice addition to an already excellent tool, a job well done as always!

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Google is now taking additional steps right now to encrypt its backend traffic because the NSA was caught red-handed snooping directly on their data centers.

Will Microsoft do the same for O365 and will they remove all the backdoors that currently exist in Exchange?

Doggy out

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I've got to hand it to the Exchange've totally rocked the house with this online tool. I use it with just about every single customer and it has solved so many issues, especially with certs and urls that I can't even count.

Thank you guys so much for making this. This is totally awesome stuff...and an invaluable service toolset.


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@Snoop Doggy: Please keep your comments relevant to the topic. Privacy and security-related information can be found on the Office 365 Trust Center. You can ask questions in Office 365 forums or contact Support if specific questions or concerns are not addressed on the Trust Center.

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While entering the site, i get the following error


Server Error in '/' Application.

Description: An exception occurred while processing your request. Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception. The request has been terminated.


Also the above email is not working as well

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