Need to compare text files?
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VERY often in troubleshooting Exchange problems we have to compare two files - such as different logs, LDP dumps of objects, CSV exports, DSACLS dumps, registry exports etc. While there are several tools out there that can do this (Windiff, for example) - few people know that Microsoft Word can do the same thing too. Here is how...

Launch Microsoft Word. Open up the 1st file to be compared and then go to Tools > Compare and Merge Documents. Point to the second file. Word will now display the differences between the two. You will actually be viewing the SECOND file and the differences will be showed in relation to the second file. So, in this case - when it says "deleted" - it really means "deleted from the second file". So - the stuff on the right side of the window is what you had in the 1st file and the stuff in the main part of the window (underlined) is what you have in the 2nd file instead. Here is a picture that illustrates how this would look like.

Nino Bilic

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