Microsoft User Research Seeking Participants

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Have you ever wanted to talk to someone behind the technology we all use?

Well now's your chance. When you participate in a Microsoft User Research study, you become part of our product and services development process. In helping us understand your needs, you'll help shape the future of technology. In addition to playing with some very cool technology no one else has seen yet, your perspective, ideas and comments will help us shape those products.


We are currently recruiting IT Pros to provide feedback on Microsoft Exchange. In order to ensure a good use of your time, we would like to learn more about your background first. You can sign up for product evaluations at Your answers will only be used to match you with studies that you qualify for or have interest in. We will alert you to specific opportunities as they arise, and ask a few more questions to confirm eligibility and availability.

More information on our program can be found at We welcome questions and comments at

Karl Bystrom

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The links to the surveys are dead
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Same here, links appear to be dead.
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Link is not working as well.
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@Leiby, Jason & Jose: Thanks for catching this. The survey link is active again.
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Why do you guys need my full name and DOB? I am really interested to participate, but what would happen to that information? Thanks.
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I agree. Do I have to be a certain age to qualify ? No need for a DOB.
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Around the DOB question... we checked and - we use the DOB to determine age; profiles typically request age ranges and a DOB allows for the participants age to be current in our system.  All information is kept confidential not only to Microsoft, it is also not shared outside of the user research group (i.e. is not shared with marketing for promotions or sales related activities).
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