Microsoft Offers Free Trial of Exchange Server 2007 for Enterprise Customers

Published Apr 24 2007 12:15 PM 689 Views

This free trial service enables enterprise customers to experience Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, the industry's leading platform for e-mail, calendaring and unified messaging. The trial service will be implemented and managed by Unisys Corp., a worldwide technology services and solutions company. As a result, enterprise customers will have the opportunity to evaluate the many new features of Exchange Server 2007, including anywhere access using a PC, the Web or a mobile phone. Customers can also experience the new unified messaging capabilities, built-in protection technologies and operational efficiencies of Exchange Server 2007, aimed at helping employees make faster and more accurate decisions, gain immediate access to information, and stay connected across many locations.

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Help! I am entirely confused about the 32bit/64bit issue. Microsoft allows 32b downloads for 2007 Eval, but says it will only offer 2007 in 64b for production. I have converted my Exchange 2003 to 2007 on Server 2003 32b and it works fine. I cannot convert my O/S to 64b as there are some apps that probably will not work. If I buy a license it says I can make my eval into a produtction product(?). Will it accept it? Also what about SP1 will it be 32b also. What all of the customers that cannot convert to 64b O/S - are we relegated to a Exch 2003 dead-end? I really would like to convert to Exch2007 but I sure have gotten a confusing path picture here.
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Indeed, Exchange 2007 is not supported in production in 32 bit flavor. Only 64 bit flavor is supported in production. You may use 32 bit management tools though and use the 32 bit setup to extend the schema if your root domain does not have 64 bit servers. More information can be found here:

Here you can read about some reasons as to why we have decided to go that route:
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