Microsoft Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant v1.0 now available!

Published Aug 02 2006 07:40 PM 3,622 Views

What Jon Avner announced in this blog post is now a reality - today we have released the version 1.0 of Microsoft Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant. You can download it from here:

The download page says:

The Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant programmatically collects configuration data, performance counters and live tracing information from an Exchange server. The tool analyzes each subsystem to determine individual bottlenecks and component failures, then aggregates the information to provide root cause analysis.

Let us know what you think!! Post comments to this blog post or if you need assistance, please go to the newsgroup!

- Nino Bilic

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The link doesn't work. Has it been released yet.
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Give it a little if it does not work, sorry about that. I am guessing replication is still taking place. I just tried it and I can access it.
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this works for exchange 2000 and exchange 2003 ?
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I can't get it to collect ExMon data from the server, although I can run ExMon locally on the server without any problems. What am I missing?
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This will work for both E2K and E2K3, although there might be some tests and features not available for E2K.
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Nice tool, very handy....long overdue. Perhaps include a way to run a scan without having to input any symptoms. Sometimes I just want to know that everything is running ok. Sometimes there will be a problem but no one brings it up until it has gone on for a couple of weeks. Good job though!
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It sounds like you're describing ExBPA, which does do a general scan of your system and looks for any issues and reports everything it finds (mostly config related, but it does other checks as well).  It does over 2500 checks right now, and growing.

The difference between the tools is that ExBPA is meant to be run regularly to verify system health and ExTRA is meant to be run specifically to deal with a current issue being experienced.  
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Can you explain how this is different from the ExPTA?
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Together, this makes-up the Microsoft Exchange Server Analyzer Tools suite.
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From what I’ve read, the Troubleshooting Assistant seems to combine the Microsoft Exchange Server Performance Troubleshooting Analyzer Tool and the Microsoft Exchange Server Disaster Recovery Analyzer Tool, which make-up the Microsoft Exchange Server Analyzer Tools suite <>:

* The Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool scans servers running Exchange Server and identifies items that do not conform to Microsoft best practices.
* The Microsoft Exchange Server Performance Troubleshooting Analyzer Tool examines the performance of an Exchange Server messaging system, and identifies possible causes of performance problems.
* The Microsoft Exchange Server Disaster Recovery Analyzer Tool examines an Exchange Server deployment when an Exchange Server database fails to mount, and identifies possible causes of the problem.
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Actually, Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant (ExTRA) contains the new “Mail Flow Troubleshooter” (we have been calling it ExMFA internally) as well. In short, ExTRA = ExPTA + ExDRA + ExMFA.

I will blog about the mail flow troubleshooter to describe its functionality in details separately.
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Hey guys, please try setting the DPI to 120 and run through the layout in this program.  It's a mess, with labels covering entry controls.
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Just ran the tool and it says that my FCL shows some slow calls to LSASS.  Then there is a link for "Tell me more about this issue and how to resolve it".  Clicking on it takes to me the homepage of the Exchange Server TechCenter.

In fact, clicking on any "tell me more about how to solve it" links takes me there.  I really was expecting a page with some hints as to how to solve the issues presented.
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Thanks for reporting those two issues, I have sent them to people that can do something about them. :)
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Yes, thanks tt. We will investigate.
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Regarding the problem gathering exmon data:  Please post your request (and a description of the issue) to the newgroup and I will assist you there.

Regarding the slow calls to lsass link:  I've check the link and it seems to be valid (you should have been directed to  If you are still seeing this problem. please post to our newsgroup for further instructions.
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could not see why it could not be made an offence t mas deliver spam or junk mail. I have 2970 unopened in Bulk mail
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I am getting this error: "The connection to the Microsoft Exchange Server is unavailable.  Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action".
When have configured Outlook with my companies Exchange Server, and it prompts me to a sign in page, but I am a loss on why the error says "outlook must be online"?  
Any ideas?
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