Microsoft Exchange Server Profile Analyzer Web Release 2.5 Now Available

Published Apr 06 2006 05:23 PM 2,036 Views

A while ago, I blogged about Exchange Server Profile Analyzer tool here. We now have some updates!

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Exchange Server Profile Analyzer WR2.5. The new version can be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center.

List of enhancements included in EPA WR2.5:

- Dumpster collection - EPA now includes message content from mailbox "dumpster" folders when calculating message frequencies. Dumpster folders contain deleted content which has not yet been purged out of the database. The frequency data is reported with and without the additional dumpster content analysis in the output report.

- Message permanently deleted frequency - Because of the our new ability to analyze content in dumpster folders, EPA will now report how often messages are deleted permanently.

- Overall mailbox size reported regardless of time restriction - The calculation of overall mailbox size, rules and folder related statistics is not restricted by timeframe anymore. The timeframe restriction will only be applied to statistics related to individual messages, such as message frequency, attachment, recipient, etc. This change should result in faster EPA analysis runs and also removes the need to potentially run EPA twice against the same environment to gather statistics.

- Timestamp in the log - EPA now shows a time stamp for each entry in the log and console output. This allows tracking of how much time is spent on collecting data from individual mailboxes.

- Immediate data report before Ctrl-C - EPA will save whatever data it collects at the time a scan is cancelled with Ctrl-C to exit from the program for any reason. This feature allows you to still take advantage of any statistics that EPA has collected up to that point.

Feedback is appreciated!!

- Jessie Zhu

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Kick ass.

Thank YOU!

Installed and running reports already.....
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A excellent improvement from ExBPA 2.5. Very clear GUI.

Very impressed with the 3rd party detection.
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"The" weekly list, this time on schedule.

Microsoft Exchange Server Profile Analyzer Web Release 2.5...
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I get an error "UnableToCompleteWithException"
I've used two different domain admin accounts with the same result??
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Hazard, if it finishes with "UnableToCompleteWithException", the log should also show the error messages, look for lines that starts with "Error". Please send your questiones to "" if you need further assistance.
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Well, although I started this blog with the best intentions, I have been very bad at keeping it regular. ...
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