The bands are silent, the booths are dismantled, the R/C racecars are quiet, and Squeaky Lobster has left the building. Microsoft Exchange Conference 2014 is officially done. As we head home stuffed with Exchange knowledge and barbeque brisket, we thought we’d give you a brief photo sampling of the fun, selected from the full gallery at

The Exchange museum included a must-see documentary about the past, present, and future of Exchange, along with plenty of original artifacts and exhibits:

(click for larger version)

We took over historic Rainey Street, an eclectic collection of homes converted to bars in downtown Austin, for an old-fashioned block party.


And, of course, we made new friends and had intense discussions about Exchange in between sessions, at MAPI hour, and all week long.


For those who couldn’t make it to Austin, you can search #iammec on Twitter to see what you missed, and follow the #iammec community conversation all year round. Session recordings and decks will be posted for everyone in about a month, and the Office Garage series from the MEC show floor will be out soon.

Jon Orton

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Waiting for the great session to get it published....:)
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Very interested to see the session recording regarding NSA and Backdoor Access to the Office 365.
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@Petri X: Yes, "everyone" = the world. Or at least, anyone in the world who has internet access.
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Great event, great weather, great networking. I'm very happy I was able to attend :)
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MEC 2014 wrap-up
Thank you
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When you say: "Session recordings and decks will be posted for everyone in about a month"

Do you really mean "for everyone" or "for every attendee...". Hopeful for everyone... :D
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thanks for a good time. I am still amazed what a show Microsoft did, both at the convention center and in Rainey Street.
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I wonder if, among all of the items and artifacts gathered in the Exchange museum, there is a legendary squeaky lobster there ;)
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This was my first MEC but hopefully not the last. The weather, the beer and the sessions were all great. I came back with a lot of new knowledge and a lot of new connections.