Lot of new stuff for Exchange ActiveSync and Exchange Mobility
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Exchange 2007 SP1 is now in beta for MSDN and TechNet Plus subscribers and there is a lot to love from a mobile standpoint.  Policies, S/MIME, default settings, remote wipe confirmation and bandwidth reduction are all part of SP1.  Take a look at the list below.

  • New Policies – We've added a ton of new policies.  Look for an upcoming post for details. 
  • Bandwidth reductions – Less round trips and less data transferred while maintaining functionality.
  • S/MIME support – S/MIME has been added and has backward support for WM 5 + MSFP.  We have not only added S/MIME but there is now policy control around the use of S/MIME.
  • Sync State Upgrade for Migrations – Allows users to maintain their setting while their mailbox is transitioned from Exchange 2K3 to Exchange 2K7 (no need to re-sync to the new server).
  • Default Policy Support – A default policy can now be set so administrators don't have to apply the policy to each user or write a script to iterate though users.
  • Cancel Remote Wipe – Canceling remote device memory/storage wipes is now available in OWA and though Exchange Management Console.

For the record, there is corresponding client work that needs to be done to fully deliver this functionality to end user.

And while we are talking about EAS, several protocol licensees have recently mad announcements...

  • DataViz has added support to its RoadSync application for several key Exchange 2007 features including Flags on email, Server Search, SharePoint and UNC file access, and Faster Message Retrieval.  RoadSync is available on a broad range of mobile device. Details here.
  • Helio recently released Mail for Microsoft Exchange, a downloadable client for the Helio Ocean providing Direct Push of email, contacts, and calendar, GAL lookup and support for Remote Wipe.  Details here.
  • Nokia has released version 2.0 of its Mail for Exchange product, adding  GAL Lookup, Tasks and accept/reject meeting requests among other features.  Nokia has also increased support for Mail For Exchange to select devices of their popular N-series, in addition to the existing E-series device (the E61i does EAS over WiFi!).  In addition to Nokia's E-series devices Mail For Exchange also supports Nokia N95, Nokia N73 and Nokia N76. Word is that Nokia has a team of engineers who are working hard to expand Mail for Exchange 2.0 to more devices of their N series in the future.  Mail for Exchange can be downloaded here.
  • Palm has added Direct Push, GAL lookup  and IT Policy Support (SP2) to Versamail for Palm OS based Treos. The update ships in ROM on the Treo 755p, and is available as a free update for Treo 700p and Treo 680 (Treo 650 owners pay a small fee).  Details here.
  • Sony Ericsson released the Z750 earlier this summer with EAS support included.  Details here.

The lawyers make us say that we can't make any assurances about these non-Microsoft applications and devices, so we need to caveat the above by saying this is what we think they tell us they do. ;)

- Adam Glick and Ed Hott

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