Lifetime Products and why they chose to move to Exchange 2010

Published Nov 05 2009 01:18 AM 683 Views

I had a chance to go on the road and talk to a few of our Exchange 2010 early adopter customers. My first stop was in Clearfield, Utah where I met up with the folks at Lifetime Products. Lifetime Products is an early adopter of E2010, and appreciates the concept of a unified Inbox-and related cost savings. 

Check out the video:

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CIO Magazine also thinks Lifetime Product's story is pretty compelling. Check it out here.

It was great chatting with the folks at Lifetime. As you heard, they are really excited about all the new features in Exchange 2010. I'll be back soon with more great customer videos.

-- Crystal Flores

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Nice story. So now that Exchange 2010 is RTM, it would seem to make sense that we could download the RTM from MSDN or Technet...but it's not there....WHY?
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Seriously.  Where are the bits?
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Crystal, Thank you for the excellent article and video! As a member of Lifetime's IT Department I can tell you, working with Exchange 2010 was been awesome!

We've got a post up on our blog ( ) that goes into some of the benefits that we've been able to realize thanks in part to Exchange 2010.

- Joe Levi, Lifetime Products
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