Introducing the IMAP Migration Troubleshooter

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If transitioning your organization from a non-Exchange system such as Google or Lotus Notes to Office 365, you typically need to follow the IMAP migration path. As diagnosing and remediating any issues you might run into during such a migration can be difficult for people unfamiliar with the matter, we worked with our Support teams to provide some guidance for exactly such cases and packaged it for you in a wizard-like package.

Introducing the IMAP Migration Troubleshooter

IMAP Migrations provide organizations with an effective way to move email from any environment that supports the IMAP protocol. This is usually used for any non-Exchange source email system. If Exchange is the source you would most likely opt for the Staged, Cutover, or Hybrid migration path.

To help you with troubleshooting, we have released a new guided walkthrough (GWT) for IMAP migrations. This link will soon be surfaced in various KB articles as well as the support ticket creation process via the Office 365 portal.


The intent of this GWT is to take a tenant administrator step-by-step though the common troubleshooting tasks to solve their IMAP migration issues. We took the most common migration failure scenarios and put them into this easy to follow guide.


If you see any issues with the IMAP migration troubleshooter or think there are scenarios that should be added or improved, please let us know at

Special thanks to all that contributed to the creation of the GWT: Kevyn Pietsch, Nagesh Mahadev, Timothy Heeney, Shawn Sullivan, and to the writers and KE team for assisting with collaboration and coordination efforts: Charlotte Raymundo and Sharon Shen.

If you are looking for assistance on any troubleshooting Hybrid migrations, see the Exchange Online Migration Guided Walk Through (GWT).

Kevyn Pietsch, Nagesh Mahadev, Timothy Heeney

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