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We're exploring making improvements to the experience of configuring Transport Rules. As part of this, we want to make sure we account for exactly how you are using Transport Rules today. The script linked to below will output some Transport Rules usage data. If you are using transport rules today in Exchange 2007, we'd love it if you could run it and send us the results.

To run the script, follow these steps:

1. Open TransportRuleUsage.txt by clicking here.

2. Copy and paste the text into a new .ps1 file on your Exchange server called TransportRuleUsage.ps1. Make sure the server you save it on is domain-joined.

3. Open up PowerShell, navigate to the folder that contains TransportRuleUsage.ps1, and run the following command:

PS> .\TransportRuleUsage.ps1

4. Send the output (TransportRuleOutput.txt) to benneu AT microsoft DOT com.

Note: This script is not officially supported by Microsoft. For a full disclaimer please read the comment section at the beginning of the script.

The text file TransportRuleOutput.txt contains no information specific to your organization, just a simple count of the conditions, actions, and exceptions used by your Transport Rules.  Below is an example of the data it returns. The "Value" field is the number of times that Condition/Action/Exception appeared in your Transport Rules.

Name                          Value
----                          -----
PrependSubject                1
RejectMessage                 1

Name                          Value
----                          -----
FromMemberOf                  1
SubjectOrBodyContains         1

Condition-Action-Exception Construction

Name  : Conditions: 1 Actions: 1
Value : 5

Name  : Conditions: 1 Actions: 1 Exceptions: 1
Value : 1

Thank you for your help, and please let me know if you have any questions.

- Ben Neuwirth

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Would love to see the ability to save attachments that fit a rule to a local (or mapped) drive added to Transport functionality.  
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I'd like to see a rule action that allows us to remove attachments.

I want to allow users to send/receive attachments from external users, but I have several users who send attachments internally instead of use the file server.
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Our goal is to write a regular expression based server rule that detects & routes all emails with the keywords ((‘red’ AND ‘orange’) or ‘green’) in the subject line (using the SubjectMatches predicate).

Importantly the order which the words ‘red’ and ‘orange’ appear in subject line should be irrelevant. The rule should be invoked no matter what order the three words appear in the subject line.

But we don’t know how to write a regular expression that is the equivalent of the AND operator.

Our test rule can capture emails where the subject contains the word ‘red’ OR the word ‘orange’ OR the word ‘green’. For example our rule returned any email with the word ‘red’ in the subject line even if the word ‘orange’ was not there.

We have read the info at  

Can you please help?
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I am VERY dissapointed with how weak the transport rules are.  Perhaps there's more I could do in Powershell?  But for now, it would be great to have this functionality:

email type (text; rtf; html)
recipient count (= n; > n; < n;)
total bandwidth usage (as in "recipient count times total message size") for internal, external or both destinations (= n; > n; < n)

append or prepend html code with or without horizontal line (before the html for append and after the html for prepend)
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We have recently upgraded to Exchange 2007, but unfortunately we have one issue regarding Rules.  Previously with Exchange 2003 we had MapiLabs Exchange rules running, which filed messages into associated Public Folders and appended the Category "Filed" to the original message.  On delivery of the message to the user was immediately aware that the message was already filed.  Should the Category be empty the message would be manually filed into Public folders, and a new Mapilab rule created to pickup the message in future.

Unfortunately MapiLabs Exchange Rule is not compatible with Exchange 2007 and Transport Rules do not enable us to append a category to a message.  Is it therefore, possible to add a custom action that will allow us to add a Category to the message as it passes that Transport Rules?

Hope you can help,

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We would really like to be able to put a small logo (html for jpg) in the disclaimer.
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We would really like a way to strip incoming logos in footers. No need for a "Yes, see you then!" email to be 50Kb in size because of someone's signature/disclaimer/footer.
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