Groups in new Exchange Admin Center (EAC) brings performance and ease of discoverability
Published Jan 21 2021 11:37 AM 10.5K Views

Continuing on our path to release the new EAC, we wanted to tell you that the Groups feature is now available. The experience is modern, improved, and fast. Administrators can now create and manage all 4 types of groups (Microsoft 365 group, Distribution list, Mail-enabled Security group and Dynamic distribution list) from the new portal.


We wanted to call out some improvements in Groups experience in the new EAC when compared with classic EAC.

Ease of discoverability: With a new tabbed design approach, groups are now separated out into 4 different pivots. Admins no longer need to filter or sort functions to find group types. You can click on the pivot of the group type you want to manage, and all such groups will be populated in that view.

More controls during group creation: The new group creation flow design wizard (the flyout panel that pops from the right) guides you through creation and is consistent with the other parts of the portal. To create any group, there are no pop-ups anymore and you do not have to leave the page that you are on. You simply click on the Add a group button and a guided flyout opens to assist you with group creation.

EACGroups02.jpgPerformance: The new design is faster and more performant. It takes very little time for you to see the groups that are already created. If creating new groups, once the group is created, you can additionally edit the group settings directly from the completion page (see below).


Settings management

All group settings including general settings, delivery management, manage delegates, message approval, etc. are also now available in the new EAC.


Happy groups management!

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Learn more

To learn more, check the updated documentation. To experience groups in the new EAC, click here (this will take you to the new EAC).

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