Geek Out with Perry in 2012

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Happy New Year! Kick off 2012 by Geeking out with Perry! In Perry’s recent blog and latest video installment, Perry answers a frequently asked question about our service, “How can you provide large mailboxes at such a low cost?” Perry has discussed large mailbox and storage efficiencies in the past but in this recent blog, he addresses other topics including Time Averaging and Efficient Data Centers, which also help our efforts to be greener

Haven’t had time to Geek Out enough last year but you resolve to do more this year? Catch up on your Geek Out with Perry videos by viewing a playlist here.

Please let us know if you have other questions and topics you’d like Perry to geek out on so we can get to more geeking out than ever via videos and blogs in 2012.


Ann Vu

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Nice collection of video's at one place....

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Good videos, I know it's a little off topic, but I had a question about the Mailbox Server Role requirements calculator.  What's the recommendation for handling unbalanced primary sites?  We're looking at a global setup, but we've got 5000 mailboxes in the US, 1500 Mailboxes in Latin America, and 3500 Mailboxes in the UK.  We'd like the global datacenters to be passive copies for each other, but I wasn't sure how to structure that in the calculator.  Should I count the users as different tiers even though they'll have the same quotas, etc?  Thanks in advance!

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Good videos

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@Nick - the calculator doesn't handle 3 datacenter/site topologies, so you will have to calculate each scenario separately.


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Wow! awesome videos. I love it...


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