Exposing the Spam Confidence Level (SCL) in OWA
Published May 27 2004 01:25 PM 3,527 Views

Here are the instructions to Expose SCL via OWA using a custom view:

1) Follow the steps in this article to expose SCL to Outlook
2) From Outlook Create a new view:
   a) View
   b) Arrange by
   c) Current View
   d) Define Views...
   e) Select current view (that exposes SCL)
   f) Copy...
   g) Name it something like SCL View
   h) Select "This folder, visible to everyone"
   i) OK
   j) Make sure SCL is listed in Fields... then click OK
   k) Apply View
3) Launch OWA
4) Change view (next to folder name at the top of the page) to SCL View


- James Webster

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