Exposing the Spam Confidence Level (SCL) in OWA

Published May 27 2004 01:25 PM 2,898 Views

Here are the instructions to Expose SCL via OWA using a custom view:

1) Follow the steps in this article to expose SCL to Outlook
2) From Outlook Create a new view:
   a) View
   b) Arrange by
   c) Current View
   d) Define Views...
   e) Select current view (that exposes SCL)
   f) Copy...
   g) Name it something like SCL View
   h) Select "This folder, visible to everyone"
   i) OK
   j) Make sure SCL is listed in Fields... then click OK
   k) Apply View
3) Launch OWA
4) Change view (next to folder name at the top of the page) to SCL View


- James Webster

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I didn't know you could do that, you are the man.

Jeremiah jcook@inteltech.com
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Works a treat - thanks :)
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I had no idea either until I asked. :) Thanks to KC and Lydia Ash for the info.
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One thing to keep in mind ... to make this work your Outlook 2003 clients need to be set to NOT use cached Exchange mode while you are creating the view otherwise it won't be saved to the server and visible to the OWA client.

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Works perfectly... Thanks ...
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I didn't have any problems creating and saving the view with Outlook in cached mode.
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